Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recent Anniversary of September 11 Attacks on NY

Like most you, the recent anniversary of the September 11 attacks has not been too far from my mind. Particularly because I cannot believe it has been eight years since the attacks happened. While it seems like forever ago,I can still remember waking up for school and seeing the footage on TV, it was like it was a scene from a movie, and I couldn't comprehend that it was real!

Another reason that the anniversary struck something with me is because (most unfortunately) there does not appear to be a great deal of progress made by the invasion of Iraqi for either the coalition or the people of the middle east which saddens me.

Like most people in Australia, I don't presume to be a political or religious expert (especially on Islamic countries). So about six months ago I brought a book which I hoped would increase my understanding of the religious beliefs of the Muslim people and how this impacts the political relations with the west.

Without realising I picked this book up early last week as I hoped it would provided a different type of reading than what I was then preoccupied with - textbook reading for my upcoming exam on health policy. The book far exceeded any of my expectation and I highly recommend that everyone read it.

The book was written by well-respected Australian Journalist and current Foreign Correspondent host George Negus titled The World From Islam; A Journey of discovery through the Muslim heartland.

The book really opened my eyes further to the practices of the Islamic faith including a greater understanding of the five pillars, the meaning of the five daily prayers and that Ramadan does not just include forgoing of food between daylight and dusk.

Truly inspiring read and one which has further ignited my interest in the topic.

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